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LATEST: D-12 rapper PROOF was reportedly murdered after he turned a heated argument inside a Detroit, Michigan, nightspot into a violent struggle. The details emerged as bouncer MARIO ETHERIDGE, a main suspect in the case, turned himself in to police yesterday (12APR06) afternoon. It is believed Etheridge shot EMINEM's best man in retaliation, after he opened fire on fellow doorman KEITH BENDER at the CCC nightclub in the early hours of Tuesday morning (11APR06). A source tells AllHipHop.com, "Proof knocked (Bender) down and stood over him with gun in hand. "Proof shot first. The bouncer on the ground didn't shoot Proof another bouncer did. Proof was shot 4 times. Twice in the head and twice in the chest/stomach area. "(Bender) is on life support and not expected to live at all." Police reveal two guns were probably used in the altercation, and believe Proof - real name DESHAUN HOLTON - was licensed to carry his firearm.

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New members of Aeon of Horus Press, we are just getting started. Starting off by just trying to collaborate ideas of what is New Aeon media. Please post links to your websites here so that we can add them to the LINKS section of they are GOOD! The ones that are there are not priority, just there as filler. Some will stay, some will go -- depending on TALENT of the site. Will probably rename sites to "featured links" as this gets bigger.

Moderator/Aeon Horus Press,


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I never really listened much to D12, but love Eminem. My deep condolences to his friends.

Keep yourself and your children safe, Em.

Looks like Proof did this to himself.

On April 11, 2006, Proof suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head at approximately 4:30am CDT (09:30 UTC) following an argument at the CCC Club — where Proof had begun his career years earlier — on 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan. He was then taken by private vehicle to St. John Conner Creek, an outpatient treatment site, and was pronounced dead on arrival shortly thereafter. According to reports, Holton died instantly. Another man, Kevin McLaughlin, who was shot along with Proof, is in critical condition at the same hospital. Police have no suspects in the shooting, but McLaughlin's family members claim that Proof was the one who shot him before being shot himself.[6][7] Official police reports state that Proof fired the first bullet at Keith Bender, 35, another person at the club, hitting him in the head and leaving him in critical condition.[8] Following Proof's death legendary rapper Snoop Dogg called on fellow musicians to unite, describing the incident as "a loss to the hip-hop community".[9] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeShaun_Holton

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Greenfield has missed the point, thinking in the remotest fashion the oto could ever be a world influence and savior ...... of this species ... at most the oto reflects the desperation to hold something together which has already failed at its inception— crowley's fear of abortion simply reflects his chronic fear that his inherent inferiority would be discovered ..................... and that his existence was a result of terrible accident .....

I do applaud Greenfield's decision to step aside, not wanting to be painted with this tarnished brush ....

The oto is ...... run by the son of a sargeant ....... and he has applied his knowledge with complete fidelity .......

The best solution to them is to ignore them ..... and let the worms sort them out.

Christopher S. Hyatt, April 8, 2006.

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LITIGOUSNESS – Without discussing the legal merits or tactical usefulness of any individual legal cases the OTO has involved itself in, by so involving itself repeatedly the upper management appears to have blurred the line between the essential purposes of the Order as described in the basic documents and its legalistic objectives. No efforts to control the flow of information, confidential or otherwise, has resulted in any true control—the Internet has more or less made a mockery of any such efforts, even supposing that the restriction of the flow of information is advantageous to the purposes of the Order, itself a debatable proposition. Further, the upper management has seemingly in the process of conducting itself as what appears to some—myself included—a litigious corporate entity, fallen into an excessively self-conscious body, unduly worried about potential legal actions against it, including concerns that are, in my view, inconsistent with the Order’s history and any legal precedent. This, in turn, has weighed down the operative local bodies of the Order with a mass of bureaucratic rules, a mountain of paperwork, and even a presumptuous gutting of both the initiation rituals and the Order’s primary public interface, The Gnostic Mass. As one rather ranking member observed to me, “The OTO is now run by its lawyers.” This is utterly unacceptable in that it is completely incompatible with the numinous and progressive goals and methodology described in the basic documents. http://www.mindspring.com/~hellfire/bishop/

This is the NEW AND IMPROVED Aeon of Horus Press board, located at Livejournal. The New Link will be available off of our new website.

The purpose of Aeon of Horus Press and Media is to:-

1. Produce and publish items for the New Aeon

2. Provide links to other people's publications and productions which we feel emulate the New Aeon.



Soror Inanna

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