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March 2009
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David "The Antichrist" (tm) Cherubim's "present" to us all -- aren't you impressed?

When someone says, "Well my dad never had a secret temple, chanted and wore black robes...." It makes me laugh. It makes me laugh because of the reality of some of the people I've known in the past 15 years who are so seriously involved in ceremonial magic that it has become their life. My child's father, for example, has a "temple" (she no longer has a bedroom apparently) which has a sewing machine table his mother bought for him which he uses as an altar.... a sewn black robe (his mother also made for him)... and some of the things on his "altar" may be a white candle... and a scalpel which I believe he uses to cut himself in ritual ceremonies.

Yes, I find this odd as a man nearing 40 years old to still have this apparatus in his home so my daughter will have to witness it again. I have had my experiences with the occult world, pagans, ritualists etc. and myself have done rituals for various seasons or purification or what have you, as a personal spiritual quest. But when I did have a room for a "temple...." it was only to have my musical instrument set up and so I could do art. I didn't place odd masochistic objects in the strange room with strange objects that children had to witness.

And, when I look in my little secret spy places to keep tabs on the subculture, I see that still... to this day... 40+ year old men (and women I suppose) are still doing this shit. Still playing these odd games and still being utterly bizarre. I fail, at this point in my life, to see the relevance of it all. When I was 20 years old and searching for a spiritual path, I came across various midlife crisis aged men who did rituals in black robes in temples... and for some reason I was impressed. I think so because I was not raised in a religion and the pomp and ceremony of a religious experience put me in a sort of state of awe and reverence that I had not been able to feel at any time in my youth. This was certainly not the case for friends I have who were raised in a religion, especially ones that did include the whole ceremonial aspect like Roman Catholicism.

But I learned... that small dysfunctional groups that attract mostly narcissistic sociopaths are not "good" for the moral fibre of one's being, to develop self esteem or to develop knowledge of the mystical arts. You are far better off even paying for some by some quasi hindu or buddhist mystic. At least you don't have the odd chance of meeting murderous types like you do with subculture sociopath gatherings like the O.T.O.

I am just appalled. Is there some reason in the world these 40+ year old role playing fanatics who sit in front of video games all day long and talk about the intricasies of some role playing event all night long... who live in the world of make believe because their cubicles don't glean a wide enough view of nature for them to grasp that maybe real life and its intoxication is more important to vitality than whatever new thing Final Fantasy came out with. And, to top it off with the need to do the "black arts" as a thing, I mean it would be comical really if it may not actually psychologically damage children.

The lightning was so strong just now my whole apt. shook... :>

Here is a link to the most recent How to Join a Cult for Dummies (tm) video I've become aware of.....

(or... PLEASE GOD MAKE THEM STOP she screams. OR, NOBODY EXPECTS THE AEONIC INQUISITION --- to blast you away with their sheer idiocy, so you just go away screaming like a chicken with its head cut off, wondering why in the hell you had to be born *now* when such blithering people have to exist).



By the way, Cherubim is a guy who started this group through (or through the parent OTO) with my friend Dr. Hyatt named the Thelemic Golden Dawn. Many people joined it in the 1990s, all the people I met in the OTO camps were joining this too (but not me). My friend Joshua later on joined this group -- and has many stories to tell about this guy Cherubim which are both very slanderous and funny. But it came to pass that he and his wife some 15-20 years younger than him who is apparently a docile wife to him had an argument with my friend Joshua over "Who is the Antichrist" (tm). Apparently Joshua posted some documents that he wrote onto the website for OAI (another offshoot of Thelemic Golden Dawn) which upset Cherubim because these documents verged on being "better" than his own. And, since HE (Cherubim) is the self-elected Antichrist (tm), he ordered Joshua to take his documents down. Instead, Joshua just trademarked the name of the group to himself, and took over the website. Hence, the NEW OAI.

Alas, Cherubim is still chanting a hideous voiced "IO pan" along with silly slideshow pictures for Youtube though... fun stuff! (If you can stand it). I couldn't, about half way through the voice became so overwhelmining fingernails on a chalkboard.